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4166 trees recorded.
6509 pictures associated with them.
2 Conservation trees recorded.
7 Heritage trees recorded.
17 Landmark trees recorded.
51 Ancient trees recorded.
0 Flagship trees recorded.
3053 Veteran trees recorded.
Other trees 1036
There are 3903 recorded in Epping.
There are 261 recorded in Harlow.
There are 2 recorded in Brentwood.

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Epping District wildlife

Overwhelmingly the best way to have wildlife in urban areas is to make sure that there are plenty of trees.  Trees by themselves aren’t enough and even in woodland it is good to have open space and rides but a huge number of native species rely directly or indirectly on trees.

Trees are an essential nesting habitat for many bird species.  The insects and beetles that feed on the leaves and wood are also essential food for many birds.  For example the success of each generation of Blue Tits in the spring depends very largely on them being hatched at the right time to be fed by that year’s generation of Oak Leaf Roller Moths.

Even one veteran native tree can be a wildlife habitat in its own right.  It is well known that Oaks host a huge variety of species; what is less well known is that it is only the big old trees, with holes in the stem and decayed heart wood, that do this.  Even imported trees such as Sycamore, which host relatively few species, because of sheer weight of insects can still be important for bird species. 

Woodland is, of course, particularly important and woodland management by Epping Forest Countrycare pays attention to creating a variety of habitat in woodlands to increase its wildlife value.  However, the wildlife value of grassland, whether farm countryside, parks, or even golf courses is enormously increased by the presence of even a few trees of different ages and species.


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