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Thomas Willingale School with their own special oak tree

As part of this project we try to encourage local schools to nominate their favourite trees and to carry out projects related to trees, such as art, science and writing.

A school that nominated and won with their tree was Thomas Willingale School in Debden. Chosen by the BBC to become part of their series on "The Trees That Made Britain" Thomas Willingale has proved to be a winner.

Shown here are some of the children of Thomas Willingale School photographed before they won the competition.

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View the video of poetry and pictures by pupils...

Willingale School Quicktime movie Flash movie
Lambourne School Quicktime movie Flash movie
Roydon School Quicktime movie Flash movie

These slideshows are well worth watching as they show you how the youngsters (all under the age of 11) are dealing with IT and modern technologies of today by using it in their day to day work at school.

New Green Arc project gives a new chance for schools to become involved

Roydon, Thomas Willingale, Dr Walkers and Lambourne Primary Schools all participated in a tree survey and art and design project with photographer John Price.

The schools all had an opportunity to firstly study local veteran trees, using digital cameras and sound recording equipment the pupils set to work. Many excellent pictures were taken and using GPS and measuring tape the trees were recorded and a selection are shown here.

Oak tree Lambourne
This 300 year old oak grows in the grounds of Lambourne school.
Lambourne school
Pupils at Lambourne pose for this photo under their veteran oak.
Lambourne pupils
Lambourne pupils interview each other as part of the Green Arc project
Bole of veteran oak tree
The bark of this veteran oak makes a great photo, photo by Thomas Willingale pupil.
Countrycare officer talks about the school hedgerow at Willingale school
Jordan Thomas a tree officer at Countrycare is recorded by pupils at Thomas Willingale.
Veteran tree survey at Willingale
Pupils admire this veteran oak near Thomas Willingale school.
Trees are great for climbing
Roydon year 4 pupil enjoying the freedom that trees offer.
Roydon pupils leaping up to reach their tree
Roydon pupils lreach for the branches of their favourite tree.
Pupils record information on their trees
Roydon pupils record the species and details of their Willow tree.

Most of the pictures shown here were taken by the pupils working on the Green Arc project (age range 8-11 years). More school pictures and recordings will be added to this site soon...

Some of our winning entries

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To see more information on any of these winning entries click on the tree image. Here you can view more pictures and data on the individual tree and its nominator.


Why not put your school on the map?

We would be pleased to talk to local schools to help in producing tree related projects to appear on this site.
For more details contact Epping Forest Countrycare: 01992 564224 or the Tree and Landscape team on 01992 564452.

Competition entries closed in April 2006

Click here to tell us about a tree which you think is a veteran.

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