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Favourite Trees of Epping Forest and Harlow District

Tree Statistics

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4166 trees recorded.
6509 pictures associated with them.
2 Conservation trees recorded.
7 Heritage trees recorded.
17 Landmark trees recorded.
51 Ancient trees recorded.
0 Flagship trees recorded.
3053 Veteran trees recorded.
Other trees 1036
There are 3903 recorded in Epping.
There are 261 recorded in Harlow.
There are 2 recorded in Brentwood.

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Woodland Trust Ancient Trees Guide
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BBC judging panel
The trees that made Britain
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Oak tree at the pond in Buckhurst Hill
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BBC film the judging of the 50 favourite trees

With the support of The Local Heritage Initiative this project began in the summer of 2006. The search was on for the public of Epping Forest District Parishes to find their favourite trees.

With more than 200 trees being nominated and added to this web site the project is a great success. So much so that it gained the attention of the BBC "Trees that made Britain" TV series. In March of 2007 Tony Kirkham and Jon Hammond of Kew Gardens came to Epping to form part of the judging panel to choose and film the winning trees as part of their TV series.This will be shown on BBC 2 on Friday 16th May 2008 at 7.30pm.

Now with the help of GreenArc the veteran tree surveys have continued to grow with over 2,000 trees now recorded and available to see on this site.

Stills of the BBC Trees that Made Britain video shoot

Willingale school wins with their favourite Oak tree

Willingale school assembly

Willingale school

BBC cameraman Tim shoots the children looking up at their Oak tree

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