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Tree Information: ID 685

  • Species: Pedunculate Oak
    (Quercus robur)
  • Council: Epping Parish: Chigwell
  • Form: MaidenStatus:Veteran Tree
  • Girth: 4.10mHeight:20 PlusAge:-Pre 1700
  • Context: Hedgerow
  • TPO number: Veteran Tree No.:VT C005
  • Grid Ref: TQ 43833 95159
  • Accessibility: Public - open access
  • Nominator: Patrick Bailly
  • Date Entered: 16 Jan 2007
  • Photograph©Date taken:

Reason for nomination:

  • “There are many veteran oaks present in Roding Valley Meadows Nature Reserve. They are mostly found growing within the network of mature hedgerows that denote the ancient parish boundaries and along the ancient Green Lane, the medieval packhorse and Drovers route from Epping Forest to Romford Market. The ecological importance of these hedgerows cannot be undervalued. They provide a network of corridors for many woodland species of birds, mammals and invertebrates within a mosaic of rich flora meadows, which extends into a very urban setting. The mature oak above all tree species plays the most important role, providing habitats for more organisms, especially invertebrates, than any other tree. This includes hundreds of species of fungi, over 300 species of lichen, over 40 species of galls- unusual growth forms on the leaves and twigs produced by midges, mites and wasps, large numbers of feeding moth larvae, many species of butterfly which includes the purple hairstreak (Quercusia quercus), the only butterfly whose larvae feed exclusively on oak, numerous beetles- including the oak bark beetle (Scolytus intricatus) and many spiders. Invertebrates are also the food source of many birds, and many species take advantage of the large numbers on an oak tree. This veteran oak on Roding Valley Meadows Nature Reserve is my favorite for all of the reasons above. Its sheer size (over 4m diameter) and its form make it so attractive growing undisturbed on the ancient parish boundary of Chigwell. The resident Kestrels are often seen perched on its limbs, resting between their hunting flights over the meadows. Numerous green woodpeckers are frequently seen and heard along this ancient hedgerow, in winter months drumming on hollow limbs.” Patrick Bailly Warden, Essex Wildlife Trust, Roding Valley Meadows LNR

Remarks & Tree condition:

  • This impressive veteran oak tree stands on on the Eastern boundary of Hither Six Acres on the Roding Valley Meadows Local Nature Reserve. The reserve is owned by EFDC and the Grange Farm Trust and is managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust. Open year round access
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