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About us

The 50 Favourite Trees initiative and this website have been completed by Epping Forest District Council Countrycare and the Tree and Landscape team.

Is there a tree that you think is really special and that makes life just that bit better? Would you like to tell us why?
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We know the trees work very hard for us – for our health, our wellbeing, for biodiversity and for the appearance of our towns, villages and countryside. But trees also matter to us for more personal reasons. It may be because of some historical or family connection, their location, or their size or appearance. Whatever the reason, if you would like to share it with others then the 50 Favourite Trees Project is designed to help you share your feelings about your favourite tree.

The very best suggestions, which may be from individuals or groups, will become the 50 Favourite Trees of Epping Forest District. If you nominate one of these you will be presented with a poster of your tree, specially designed by a local photographic artist. Each of the 50 favourite trees will have a specially designed web page with, as long as you agree, a video recording of you explaining why the tree is so special. However, our database will be designed to hold all the suggestions we receive, so as far as possible, all the entries will be recorded and published.

The search for the district’s 50 favourite trees has been made possible thanks to a £24,700 Local Heritage Initiative Grant, a partnership grant scheme between the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency. This project builds upon the pilot project,10 Favourite Trees, chosen by the district tree wardens, exhibited at the District Museum in 2005.

Some of our winning entries

To see all 50 winning entries view here...
To see all of the nominations view here...
To view all of our Champion trees view here...
To view all of our Veteran trees view here...

To see more information on any of these winning entries click on the tree image. Here you can view more pictures and data on the individual tree and its nominator.


Competition entries closed April 2006
For more details contact Epping Forest Countrycare: 01992 564224 or the Tree and Landscape team on 01992 564452.

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